California Ragdoll Kittens is a subsidiary of Texas Ragdoll Kittens based out of Roanoke, TX in the Dallas Metroplex. We are a family breeder and give personal care to all of our kittens and mamas from the moment they come into the world until they go to your home. We raise them in our homes in Oklahoma, where they have space to run around and live in a house. We move them to Texas for delivery into the Dallas area, and arrange all of our flights out of DFW International Airport. We use for our deliveries and they are 8 miles from the airport. Many times we are able to get them out to you in days, but with planning the flights are less expensive. We are able to deliver kittens to you at your home for an additional fee or you can pick them up at the airport of your choice.  can deliver your kitten to you anywhere in the United States. Rules regarding shipping kittens in the cargo area have changed and we feel that the pet nanny is the best way to ensure that your beautiful delicate baby is delivered to you in a loving way.

Our Ragdoll kittens are allowed to roam and climb as they develop their ‘cat skills’ . We provide our kitties with homes in Oklahoma and Texas where they are able to grow up in a clean loving environment. Many of our buyers are surprised at how loving they are but it does not surprise us one bit! We love on them from the time they come into this world and we will hand carry them home to you if we need to in order to ensure their safe arrival to you and a healthy, happy life. They are family to us and we love what we do.

When they go home at 12-14 weeks they will be healthy, happy, clean and ready to join your family, whatever your lifestyle is. Ragdolls can live comfortably in a big house or in an apartment. But they do need lots of love!! Our Ragdoll kittens come with a Health Guarantee and will have had age two kitten shots and appropriate de-wormings when you receive your new Texas Ragdoll family member. They are an easy pet and soft on the eyes, as we say here in Texas! Call to schedule the delivery of your Texas Ragdoll Kitten today!

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Frequently Asked

Ragdoll Kitten costs vary due to gender, color and type.

Such as Blue BiColor, Lynx, Seal Mitted, Seal BiColor, Lilac, Mitted Mink, etc.

Starting Price is $1800, we do offer a $200 Discount when purchasing a 2nd kitten and can be applied to a future litter. Please ask us about the details.

We respond to texts, email and Facebook throughout the process so you can be assured your baby is progressing. We send pictures to you frequently of your Ragdoll baby so you can watch them grow.

Our number: 1-682-262-7355

We do NOT spay/neuter our Ragdoll Kittens because 12 weeks is too young for that procedure!! Some do that but it is more in the interest of you not breeding your Ragdoll, not in the interest of the baby. We recommend waiting a bit.

Yes! Your Ragdoll kitten will have been examined and vaccinated as well as dewormed, by a board Certified Feline Specialist at Kitten to Cat Hospital in Southlake, TX.   They can send all of your  Ragdoll Kitten’s early records to your local vet once they go home to you (upon request).

Yes! Our Pet Nanny Service will deliver your baby Ragdoll to the airport of your choice.

We offer Delivery Service to any major airport in all 50 States. Extra Fees do apply.

You just need to pay the Nanny’s (Justine) airfare as well as the $200 fee for taking your New Ragdoll Baby on the plane. We want the best for our/your Ragdolls and flying inside the cabin under the seat is the best way to get them to you.


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